Autostart Virtual Machine on VMWare ESX

As we know earlier , if the host ( ESX ) has been turned off whether it’s properly turned off or restarted without normal procedure , when the host has been started again all the VM inside the host will not started automatically , this is the default setting by the ESX i think

So , in order to make all the VM inside the host started automatically , this can be done via vSphere client

  1. Open & login with administrative account to your vSphere client
  2. Select Configuration tab > Virtual Machine Startup / Shutdown > Properties1
  3. Make sure to check the ‘Allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system’
  4. Select the VM , and choose the desirable order with move up button in the startup order to Automatic Startup group , then click OK button2
  5. The default delay for startup & shutdown for each VM is ‘120 Seconds’




Hope this helps..


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